My mission is to help you with
data management and data collecting, so that you can focus on what made you become a business owner in the beginning.



Hi, my name is LaTasha L.Marie, and I am so grateful to be able to serve small businesses.It is my heart's desire to
assist others to not only chase after their dream business but to capture it. I have a heart for helping my fellow business owners.  I understand that time is the greatest asset that we have, that is why I want business owners to be able to spend it doing something that they love.  I am very dependable and take great pride in the work that I do.  I enjoy the task that most people dread doing.  My background in Corporate America has taught me so many do's and do not's in the world of business and I am grateful for every lesson. I make sure that client care is my number one priority. 
When not assisting clients I am helping to grow children and families as a family coach.   Reading takes me to my comforting place and I love turning the pages to a great book. My family is so very important to me and I loves spending time with them.